027: Frosty’s Search for Snow

AQ #233348     –     Not listed on LbNA

This was carved for the Winter Tracker 2013-2014 postal ring (#7346) in 2013.

When it is not traveling by mail it sits in my postal box and can be available from time to time from me.

026: Social Media: Twitter

AQ #232750     –     Not listed on LbNA

This was carved for the Social Media postal ring (#7514) in 2014. It was later sent out as a single postal (#8177) in 2015.

When it is not traveling by mail it sits in my postal box and can be available from time to time from me.

023: New Year’s Celebration 2014

AQ #232330     –     LbNA #66688
Location: SE Powell & Meadowland Center, Gresham Pleasant Valley, Or
Status: Unavailable

***This box can now be found sometimes from me and sometimes as a bonus box.***








Locate the intersection of Powell Blvd. and 174th street. From either direction of Powell, turn onto 174th going South. Take the first driveway to the right into the Meadowland Center shopping area parking lot. Immediately take another right , passing some green paper recycling bins. Park in the fourth spot past the bins to begin this year’s New Year’s hunt.

Look for the tree that partied too hard and came home naked. Directly in front of it, it dropped a memento of the party! Search in the ivy beside the sidewalk.

Be sure to inspect the logbook thoroughly!

Please re-hide well, as this is a well-traveled area.

Suggested marker colors: blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, and black.

This is a limited time stamp — the party will last for about a week!

022: Pyramids of Egypt

AQ #230903     –     Not listed on LbNA

This stamp was carved to create LTC mailing labels for the postal The Exhibit: King Tutankhamun (#7334). Each recipient received an imprint of this stamp as a number card. In total sixty were created. Extras were placed in the postal package for family and friends that stamped in to King Tuts log book.

There are no plans to make more LTCs from this image. Currently the stamp is being used as a WOM (Word Of Mouth) traditional box and can be received from me at events or personal meetings.

021: Ancient Archaeological Excavation Artifacts: King Tutankhamun

AQ #221460     –     Not listed on LbNA

This was carved for the Ancient Archaeological Excavation Artifacts postal ring (#7016) in 2013. It was mailed out again January 2014 as a single called The Exhibit: King Tutankhamun (#7334) and it still traveling the world.

When it is not traveling by mail it sits in my postal box and can be available from time to time from me.

020: He’s Alive!

AQ #219785     –     LbNA #68013
ocation: Gladstone, Or
Status: Unavailable (Looking for a new place to plant)

There is currently no clue. This box was planted for a weekend before it was discovered as a bad location. I have not yet found an appropriate location. Until that time it travels with me in my box of stamps when I meet other letterboxers.

019: Mt. Hood

AQ #219782     –     LbNA #66687
Location: Sandy, Or
Status: Available

6/17/2014 – ***Note – The store front has moved to a new location directly across the parking lot from its old location. ***

Sandy, Oregon – “The Gateway to Mt. Hood”

What better way to celebrate the mountain than to stamp a likeness of it in your book? Visit the location that is most likely to inform you of all that the Mt. Hood Territory has to offer. After looking around at the brochures of events and happenings and browsing local artisan wares, ask for the letterbox at the front desk.

Located in downtown Sandy somewhere between Proctor Blvd. and Pioneer Blvd.
Hours: Monday thru Sunday * 9am to 5pm

018: The Historic White Church

AQ #219597     –     LbNA #66686
ocation: 39345 Pioneer Blvd, Sandy, Or
Status: Available







Visit and tour the Sandy Historical Museum. On your way out don’t forget to stop by the front desk and ask for the letterbox.

Monday – Saturday: 10am-4pm
Sunday: 12pm-4pm



017: Pathfinder

AQ #219357     –     LbNA #68012
Location: Albany, Or
Status: Missing (Deciding if I will re-carve and plant again).

Linn County Fairgrounds

P.S. If you use single color ink pads please, please clean stamp. It is best if you bring the colors red, yellow and blue with you.

016: Long Haul

AQ #218264     –     LbNA #68011
Location: Aurora, Or
Status: Unavailable (Seeking New Plant Home)

Take a break from trucking north on I-5 at the Balrock rest stop (near mile post 281). Follow the roadway to the far back parking lot. Park near the funny looking stump out in the forested field. Go inspect this oddity. Upon reaching it, turn back the way you came. Slightly to your left you will see a grouping of three trees. At the base of the middle tree, under some bark, you will find what you seek.

Keep an eye out for muggles who seem to have nothing better to do, but hang around. Especially at night, as we discovered. However I do not recommend searching this box out at night and if all possible take a friend.

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