003. Palm Tree on Vacation!

AQ #212600     –     LbNA #64372
Location: Pine Tree Park, Tustin, CA

Locate Pine Tree Park in Tustin, CA. Park along the road on Bryan St. Upon entering the park locate the sidewalk that splits into three. Follow the route to the men’s restroom. Look towards the volleyball net and beyond. Walk to the far wall and notice the trees along that wall. To your left, find the tree that is first from the end of that wall. Search high and inside to find this Palm Tree on Vacation.

Please be super discreet as this park seems to get very busy with children and their parents. I would love for this box to stay here for two years upon my return.

Not Hitchhiker friendly.

Bring Markers. If you use an ink pad please be courteous and clean off your ink for next person.

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