023: New Year’s Celebration 2014

AQ #232330     –     LbNA #66688
Location: SE Powell & Meadowland Center, Gresham Pleasant Valley, Or
Status: Unavailable

***This box can now be found sometimes from me and sometimes as a bonus box.***








Locate the intersection of Powell Blvd. and 174th street. From either direction of Powell, turn onto 174th going South. Take the first driveway to the right into the Meadowland Center shopping area parking lot. Immediately take another right , passing some green paper recycling bins. Park in the fourth spot past the bins to begin this year’s New Year’s hunt.

Look for the tree that partied too hard and came home naked. Directly in front of it, it dropped a memento of the party! Search in the ivy beside the sidewalk.

Be sure to inspect the logbook thoroughly!

Please re-hide well, as this is a well-traveled area.

Suggested marker colors: blue, green, red, yellow, orange, purple, and black.

This is a limited time stamp — the party will last for about a week!

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